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Who is this girl and who does she think she is???
Our picture perfect photo shoot
Hey yall! My name is Ashley Watts - I am the wife to Mitchell Watts, the most handsome, hard working man I’ve ever met, and the mother to 3 wild ones, Steven (3), John Daniel (1) and Charlotte (1).  We live in sweet home Alabama and love it with everything we have! The south is where I was born and raised and I hope to never leave this precious part of the country! 

I come from the small town of Adger, Al - grew up on good ol’ Mud Creek Road right by Groundhog Road, and if you are from the city, Im sorry you didn't grow up in such an awesome place like me! The names of those places always make people giggle but they hold a very special place in my heart and they always will! 

Yes my shirt says "What Would Dolly Do?"
I love watching the Porter Wagoner Show on RFD-TV on Friday nights, listening to Dolly & Loretta, watching old movies and living life like the old soul I am! 

I love everything about being Southern.  I love the homes, the culture, the language, the traditions, the clothes, the weather (as long as I have a fan on full blast somewhere close by me). I hold them all close to my heart and I am so blessed I get to raise my family in this wonderful place! 

My parents are still happily married after 33 years. I have a younger brother and sister who I love dearly and so many Aunts and Uncles I can barely count them all.  I married into a wonderful family, where my in laws have been married 35 years and still going strong. I have a sister in law and brother in law along with 2 precious nieces that I just adore. Needless to say My husband and I both have been raised in the most loving homes anyone could ever ask for! We are very blessed and thank God everyday!   

I am a graduate of Jacksonville State University, where I spent some of the best 4 years of my life as a Marching Ballerina and lived the sorority life as a Phi Mu! College was a precious time - I met some of my best friends and accomplished the “southern college goals” of finding my bridesmaids! lol! After graduating college, I got married to my dream man and began the “adult” life. I worked in marketing and taught dance at a wonderful dance studio and had some pretty big dreams - and then I became a mom and all that changed! My dreams changed in a good way but BOY did it change! Motherhood, by far, has been the HARDEST, most rewarding job I’ve ever had. 

My favorite shirt from Emerson Grace Boutique
My life is just like yours - I’m just not afraid to tell you about it. I’m honest, open and straight forward in hopes that you will be the same with me! My biggest pet peeve are people, especially mothers, acting like their lives are perfect when we all know it’s not. Everyone struggles, everyone has “STUFF” and if you keep it to yourself, act fake and pretentious, how are you supposed to inspire anyone else? 

This blog is my way of looking back on my life and remembering the crazy days I’ve had while raising my wild family. Since I became a mother almost 4 years ago, so many of the memories have faded and I want to be able to look back at this life 30 years from now and remember what all I have accomplished as a mother! I hope these stories and moments from my life inspire you and help you understand that NOBODY is perfect. I’m not super mom - We ALL are supermoms! Read the blog or not - It doesn't matter to me. To those who do, let this blog bring you laughter, help you understand motherhood a little better or even use it to make you feel better about yourself! lol! We are all just trying to do our best, take life day by day and if we mess up its ok, because in the words of the fabulous Scarlett O’Hara “After all, tomorrow is another day!”

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